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Welcome to My Shiny New Blog

Dear Readers – wait, can I say that? Do I have any readers (yet)? Okay, starting over, dear reader (HI MOMMY!), welcome to the awesomest blog you’ll ever read (caution: I tend to be slightly hyperbolic, and perhaps a little melodramatic).

Well… how about some introductions?

My name is Elizabeth Anne and I am a book-o-holic. (“Hi Elizabeth,” my fellow bibliophiles respond in chorus).

Okay, full disclosure, that’s not my real name, it’s a pseudonym. But, it’s a lot prettier than my real name and it makes me feel special to write pseudonymously.

Another fun fact: I like to make up words. This is something I do unscrupulously and will continue to do. Feel free to point out spelling and grammar indiscretions, but you needn’t tell me that I’m making up words, I’m well aware and refuse to back down. Shakespeare made up words, and so can I! (Not that I’m implying I can write as well as Shakespeare, or anything, I’m quite well acquainted with the fact that he was a genius and that I am not).

I’m currently in the twelfth grade (or as we call it here in Canada, grade 12 – and yes, as I live in Canada, I do live in an Igloo and ride a polar bear to school. And if you don’t see that for the sarcasm it is you probably aren’t cool enough to be reading this blog). But don’t let my ripe young age deter you from reading on, I’m not a high school kid of the eye-rolling-gum-snapping variety (okay, maybe sometimes) , I’m a high school kid of the gets-made-fun-of-for-crying-over-a-sad-poem-during-English-class variety.

Well, I guess that’s enough for one post… check out some more autobiographical info on my about me page (and yes, I’m aware that if you started on that page I directed you here for more info — it’s just a never-ending cycle that will go on and on until the end of time, sorry about that — but not really *laughs maniacally*).


About Elizabeth Anne

I’m obsessed with novels, short stories, poetical works &c., and my family has refused to put up with my ranting and raving about these things any longer, so I’ve decided to ramble to you, the internet.

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  1. Well, this is your first attempt at a blog. This is my first attempt at reading a blog. Is blog an acronym for something? “by lingo or …gunk!”
    Just guessing there!
    Anyway, have fun. I’ll check it from time to time just to plug in and harrass you for fun.

  2. You rock! I love it!!!!!

  3. Great blog! I wish you the best of success, Elizabeth Anne!

    BTW, Linda, blog is short for “web log”.


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