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Mr. Darcy at the Oscars

We just finished watching the Oscars at my house (although, I guess that’s the same for everyone else who was also watching them…).

I’m delighted that Meryl Streep won best actress for her spectacular portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. It was such a wonderful film and she definitely deserved it. I’m also thrilled by all the recognition that The Artist got. Jean Dujardin played George Valentin beautifully, bringing him to life to the point that I barely noticed he wasn’t even speaking. It was a marvelous film, all though, I must say, I’m a tad bit surprised that it won best picture. I was really rooting for The Help … at least Octavia Spencer got best supporting actress, she was just BRILLIANT as Minny.

A thoroughly gratuitous picture of The Look Photo credit:

Of course, my favourite part of the show was when Colin Firth came on to present the award for leading actress. Despite his ever-increasing age, he still is Mr. Darcy after all! He began to speak and, as he was likely saying little of consequence, my family began a conversation about one thing or another. I promptly hushed them, politely pointing out that “we do not interrupt Mr. Darcy when he’s speaking.” Because, while it’s not as though he was professing his ardent love and admiration for our (his) dear Lizzy, that accent is just to die for!


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I’m obsessed with novels, short stories, poetical works &c., and my family has refused to put up with my ranting and raving about these things any longer, so I’ve decided to ramble to you, the internet.

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  1. You are hysterical.

  2. I was rooting for “The Help” too. Oh well. Glad I came across your blog!


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