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The Liebster Blog Award!!!

Guess what, readers? It appears as though some people enjoy reading what I have to say. And by that I mean, I seem to have been given a award.

Thank you so much Lauren, at Thoughts on My Bookshelf for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. It means so much to me, I cannot even fully express my appreciation. Hmmm, I guess the inability to express my emotions doesn’t bode so well for me as a writer… but I guess Lauren and my other followers think that I express my thoughts pretty well, or they probably wouldn’t be following me or nominating me for awards.

From what I understand (after a Google search led me to the blog A Left-Handed Quilter) The Liebster Blog Award is a chain award for new (small) blogs with fewer than 200 followers. Every nominee (and therefore winner) nominates five more blogs for the award and they all do the same. The premise to give newer blogs more publicity and recognition and to promote your favourite blogs.

There are a few simple rules:

1) Post that you’ve won on your blog. This would be that post.

2)Link back to the blogger who nominated you:

    I linked to Lauren above, and here’s her URL: 

I’m so glad she won. I love her post on Little Women, you can check it out here. Thanks so much again for nominating me!

3) Copy and paste the award badge on your blog

And here it is again 🙂

4) Present the award to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers that you think deserve recognition.

(I’m mortified to admit this, but being so new to blogging, I haven’t read very many blogs yet, so I don’t have five blogs I love that have fewer than 200 followers… I’d rather pass the award on to blogs I actually keep up with and really enjoy, so I’m posting a partial list now, and I’ll update when I have more to add. Here’s my partial list:

1) A Rich Full Life In Spite of it 

2) Austenacious (this blog may have more followers, but it’s my absolute favourite blog and I think it deserves some recongnition)




5) Let your nominees know that you nominated them, by leaving them a comment

And that’s it!


About Elizabeth Anne

I’m obsessed with novels, short stories, poetical works &c., and my family has refused to put up with my ranting and raving about these things any longer, so I’ve decided to ramble to you, the internet.

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