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The Reason for Reading

School is starting to wind down and every day brings me and friends closer to graduation. I’m in a really annoying position right now though. I’ve been accepted to all of the universities I’ve applied to and just have to keep up a certain average to keep my condition offers. The average I need to maintain is significantly lower than what I already have, so I don’t even have to keep my good grades up very high. So with a month left of school I don’t care much about anything regarding that awful building and all it represents.

The problem is, while I already have one foot out the door, the other is still Krazy Glued down to the linoleum floor. Over the next month there’s so much work to do with so little to motivation to do it. But, I do want to maintain my average, because I know retrospectively, I’ll regret not bothering to do my assignments. So I still have to keep on working really hard. On the bright side, grade 12 finishes earlier than all the little kids (and by that I mean grades 9-11) and I end even earlier than all my friends. That’s because at my school it’s full year, not semesters and we take more courses than other schools, so instead of having between 9 or 10 exams, some courses have major summative assignments, which are worth the same as an exam. As it turns out, 7 of the 9 courses I take this year have these major assignments.

This is good and bad, and I still haven’t determined if the goodness or badness is more prevalent. On the plus side, this way, I only have 2 exams and my last one is on May 31, while everyone else doesn’t finish until June 8. On the other side, these huge assignments are far more work than studying for an exam and all that work has to get done over the course of a short month. I know that being a creative-type, it would probably be more normal of me to prefer projects and essays to exams, but hey, the human experience is a complex thing — it’s not my fault if I don’t fit into the cliche.

The take away from this post is that I’m entering into what is known as a “hell month” at my school, so while I will aim for a short post at least once a week, I may not be updating very much for the next little bit. But have no fear, I plan on writing longer posts, and writing them more frequently starting in June. For now, let’s talk about books and their purpose in life. Are books and literature for entertainment purposes or to learn something from? For me it used to be solely entertainment and it’s shifted to intellectual stimulation (my how smart — or pretentious — that makes me sound). However, I think first and foremost, reading should be entertaining and enjoyable. This enjoyablility is just added to when the book is brilliant on a deeper level.

What do you think? Entertainment? Deep learning? Some combination? If both, which takes the front seat? Why? I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Wilhelmina Upton

    Oh, I remember the last weeks of school, well actually my whole last year of school was annoying because I knew that most of it was behind me and some of the stuff I had to do didn’t count but had to be done nonetheless.

    To answer your questions, for me reading usually is because I want to be entertained. Nevertheless I sometimes like to read a biography or a book on the history of the CIA in order to learn something as well. Ok, the ideal is probably, when entertainment and learning go hand in hand but that isn’t happing too often.

    I wish you good luck with your last weeks of school!!!

    • It’s so true that this whole last year has felt pretty pointless, especially since almost all the schools that sent me offers accepted me on the basis of my grade 11 marks, with having even seen this years marks yet.

      With regards to my question, the learning I had in mind more pertained to literature and thematic deepness. For the most part, it wouldn’t even occur to me to read nonfiction, unless it’s something interesting like the biography of an author I like or something related to books or writing. So in that sense I would only have learning if it WAS paired with enjoyment. Thanks for your thoughts.


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